Sunday, April 7, 2013

What is the Real Cost of Clipping Path Service?

Often one hears of cheap rates and affordable prices for clipping path service. But how much is cheap? Can one determine the difference between the high priced ones from the reasonable priced ones?

How does one quantify the charges in the virtual world of photo editing? Often one hears about low costs, cheap labor, studios in developing countries etc. And then also think about the quality of the final product from time to time. There is no one relative cost that is applicable for any service. But frequently one judges by the cheap rates and affordable pricing of clipping path service. And then the confusion arises what is right. There are many determining factors that one can use to set the parameters for the reasonable pricing. And the best way is to keep three things in mind when the work is being outsourced to any online company. Then one can fix the difference and make the decision to choose the fair price.

·         Communicating the right brief is essential. Often the studios based in Asian countries have an office located in the western world. It is best to write an email and ask them to provide the tariff based on the brief and not the basis of the regular quote. This is one fundamental step that can delete any misquote or over pricing.  Getting the idea across and getting the estimate is important.

·         Often the turnaround time is vital in some cases. Can the service be given urgently and at a reasonable cost? Outsourcing companies are quite used to clients who come with urgent jobs- But not all of them over charge. On the website of the company the rates are already mentioned. Bulk rates are charged differently from other jobs. It is easy to say that the rates begin from as low as 0.30 USD per image. But if the work is more than more charges are applicable. A job that can be done in 30 minutes and one where a day is required will have different rates.

·         For customers who provide regular work, annual contracts are applicable. They can pay on a monthly basis and avail of additional benefits. For example, such customers will have a dedicated editor or executive who will deal on a daily basis with them. This of course makes the price cheaper for them.

·         Some special services have higher prices, as they need skilled hands. Advanced editors are known to be more expensive. They are creative and naturally charge more. Hence depending on the creative solutions the price is fixed. 

·         It is true that in Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Philippines the labor is cheap. Hence the prices even for high quality work are far more affordable.

·         How is the payment made is also an important issue. This also regulates if there are any additional banking fees or taxes applicable.

All these factors need to be kept in mind when looking at the prices of any clipping path service. On an average a basic job per image can be done between 0.30-50 USD, simple clipping will cost 1.25-200 USD, compound clips 2-25 USD onwards, Complex 6 USD and super complex 8 USD or more. Most companies vary with their rates depending on the other parameters.