Friday, February 22, 2013

Use a Pen Tool for Deep Etching for Best Graphics

Professional designers swear by deep etching for best graphic results. This concept is all about using a photograph with multiple backgrounds. This not only gives versatility to the picture but also makes it a lot more professional.

Photographs and graphic designs these days are not what they used to be. The technology has changed a lot and is simply beyond simple software programs. Photo editing mills work round the clock and use deep etching to produce what is called a professional quality photo. Graphic designers world over, put their trust in various editing methods, to produce that one path-breaking picture. It is one such method that has changed how photos are edited and presented. It also calls for some real talent and advanced artistes to do the job. Not everyone is skilled to handle this kind of work especially in video and animation where it is used a lot.

Photo enhancing and improvising is the most important factor of a photo business. A professional quality photo is not always about the photographer or the view, it also mostly the editing. Good and tactical editing is the life behind a photo. Sometimes you need to enhance, sometimes you reduce, a twitch here, a little twitch there, is enough for a photo to capture the hearts. This method is also known as Clipping Path in a lot of circles. Professional designers swear by this method and not a day goes by when they do not use it.

In this method, the background of the photo is removed and the foreground of the photo are separated and used differently and separately. With this what you have at your hands is a variety and tremendous scope.  With the basics of a photo separated now you have the power to mix and match and create wonders.

With the advent of new photo technologies, editing has become an essential tool of presentation. There is no professional who presents his visuals without touching them up first. Visuals are an important part of any website or magazine. You have to have good quality pictures to show what you do and how well you do it. Deep Etching process has come a long way from when it started. This method gives professionals enormous scope and a cutting edge. It helps you produce and extra ordinary photo out of a simple everyday click. Editing software has made photography a little easy to do. Now you can do wonders to with a photograph and add things that you could not while actually clicking a picture.-From saturation to right exposure, photo-editing software fix them all.

Though deep etching is a software that makes a designer’s job easy, but it itself is a very complex job and needs an eye for detail. Anybody who can see the pictures in bits and visualize it in pieces can master it. The main point of mastering deep etching is being able to merge two very different images without and flaws. The pictures should not look like overlapped, like the twins scenes of 1970’ movies. Technology has come a long way since that time but still it needs an expert to make proper use of it. A newbie can easily spoil a deep etched picture and experience seeps through a high quality deep etched picture.