Friday, September 14, 2012

Background Removing Video Tutorial

How to Remove Background from Any Image

The simple clipping path video tutorial is provided by The tutorial is about the process of how to remove or change a background from a simple image. Any learner Graphic Designer can be benefited for clipping path or photoshop masking service by visiting this tutorial.

How to Change Background Without Ruining the Image

There are a number of ways by which you can change background of an image without affecting its aesthetic appeal. Professional help is required for it.

There are so many advertisements in the print media that show a particular image against a background that one does not see in reality. How do these brands end up with such cool pictures to promote their products and services? The answer lies in the fact that the advertisement agency they hire has a good designer working on various projects. He/she knows how to expertly change background so that the main image stands out in a unique manner. If you are looking for one such editor, then you have your work cut out (no pun intended).

Background Removing

Image editors, who are given the task of changing the background for a particular still, start with ‘cutting’ out the image as the basic job requirement is. In the same way we use a scissor to cut out a picture from a book, an editor uses a particular tool in a program to get the job done. This is no walk in the park, as he/she has to keep a careful eye on how the ‘cutting’ takes place. Too many rough edges will make the final result look quite amateurish, and this is what most clients dread.

The only way you can avoid such a situation is by zeroing in on an editor who knows his/her job inside out. Once you hire such an individual (directly or through a company) all your background editing problems will go out of the window. In order to change background perfectly, editors use various software that are available in the market today. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a program that has a number of powerful tools that gives editors the freedom to change backgrounds with the right moves.

The aesthetic appeal of an image is very dependent on the background it has. Sometimes, the background can make all the difference in a picture. That’s why if you’re thinking of changing the background you need to be very careful of the revamp. If you’re not too careful, the picture as a whole might end up looking like a scattered jigsaw puzzle. This is what you need to avoid by paying for top class editing services. Changing backgrounds is one task that should be left up to experts in the field. They will use the right methods and help you get the desired result.

A simple Google search about flop background changes will bring up a number of results. Browsing through you will find a plethora of images that look completely hideous because the designer tried to do a quick job or wasn’t competent enough. Besides knowledge about the task at hand, the editor should also have a strong sense of aestheticism so that he/she can tell the client what looks good and what doesn’t.

While looking to change background of a still always ensure you have a clear idea of what the new image should look like. If you don’t, take some time out to discuss the situation with the editor. This will help you end up with something that is catchy and worth the money spent.

Thursday, September 13, 2012