Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Which are the Familiar Features of Most Editing Software?

When it comes to official work, many players prefer to choose the system that gives them value for money. But there are some basic features almost all software support. Now that photo editing has become a daily need, a slew of different software can be purchased. Some for its high end design elements and some for the basic menu. Service providers often use different programs depending on the tools they require for picture enhancement. Some features are common. There are three types of photo editors:

  • Editing family pictures (holidays, weddings, private use etc)
  • Darkroom digital software for professional photos
  • Software for commercial online  photo editing
The basic elements supported by most photo editing programs are:

Red eye fixture, removing blemishes, cropping and resizing, image enhancement and color correction. Because the competition is increasing some software also add some special effects as part of the basic features. So, a simple background change or adding a glossy photo frame are also found in some programs.
The general idea is to manipulate the pictures digitally to enhance or add special effects to them. Basic features can be used even by amateurs. But the advanced programs have a wealth of special tools to give a creative twist. Whatever way the editing tools featured are useful in many ways. Considering that there is a huge demand for it from the e-commerce vendors, it is common way to communicate with their buyers. It is a virtual trend that is increasing and unstoppable. For photo editors now the real dilemma is to decide the right operating system that will support the editing software and also the regular upgrades. This will now determine which computing system will be strong enough to sustain the long hours of work without trouble for long which will be advantageous to the users.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Clipping Path Service from Asia Provide Uninterrupted Photo Editing Worldwide

The entire world has become a global village. With constant need of visuals for all mediums, global photo-editing services from Asia, promise uninterrupted projects.   

In the realm of online businesses, photo editing has taken off in major way. So how does one gauge post processing rates in the virtual office space? Offshore agencies usually market using tag lines related to low costs, cheap man power and multi-specialty studios in developing countries. These factors are generally taken into consideration, as is the aspect of the quality of the final output. There are no relative costs actually but one typically goes by the affordability of the clipping path services offered after examining rate cards and portfolios. And then doubts flood in regarding what kind of work will come through. In Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Philippines the labor is inexpensive. Hence the prices even for high quality work are far more affordable. How the payment is doled out for clipping path services from Asia is also an important issue. One needs to examine the inclusion of extra banking fees or valid taxes.       

There are many defining influences that one can use to determine the considerations for the sensible pricing. Three things should be kept in mind when projects are being outsourced to online company vendors. One can analyze the differences and proceed to decide whether the pricing structure is reasonable.

First of all communication is the most important aspect. Most clipping path service from Asia has an office located in the west as well. It is ideal to mail across a brief and request for tariff card and not just mere regular quotes. Knowing the details of the project will help the vendor offer you a more precise package. Getting the brief across and getting the estimate is imperative to avoid confusion and wrongful quotations. 

Next up is the delivery time. This can be checked based on response and quick turn around. Mapping up of phase-by-phase production from the vendor’s end will also give you a complete picture. Can urgent deliveries be made at decent cost? Most offshore jobs tend to be urgent and no, people don’t generally charge the sky! Websites will feature standard company rates, but bulk orders will be project dependent. The rates begin from as low as 0.30 - 0.45 USD per image. But if the work is complicated then charges can hike up. A job that can be done in 30 minutes and one where a couple of days are needed will certainly vary.

For regular customers there will be annual contracts drawn up. They may pay on a monthly basis and benefit from supplementary benefits. For example, they may have a dedicated editor and servicing executive who will interact on a daily basis with them. This of course makes the over all charges much more reasonable. Certain special services quote higher prices, due to the requirement of advanced skill sets. Senior editors are much more expensive. Their creativity and experience certainly boosts the charges. So, in such cases depending on the resourceful solutions the price is arrived upon.            

All these considerations need to be kept in mind while observing the rates of clipping path services before zeroing in on any service provider.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why Reliable Image Clipping Service is a Media Marketing Need

Some imperfection in photos may not be very noticeable but yet they can be a spoiler to the communique they are intended for.  This is enough to grab the skills of a reliable service provider.
Let’s filter the information and clear the air on image clipping service that has become a necessity today. Imperfections continue to exist in pictures that have been shot by the digital camera. Clipping them to get rid of the problems is a sensible option. Then we are able to control the flow of pictures at any given stage for personal or commercial reasons. The very fact the images are enhanced is a strong reason to seek a reliable firm that does this work regularly. No one shoots wrong pictures deliberately. Sometimes the spots are difficult and the pictures are not clicked, as they should be. This requires image clipping. When the clipping is done, some portions are removed. The hollow areas need to be filled. Either another item is placed or some shadow or light work is added as an effect. Today every photographer is relaxed, as he knows if there is an issue he can always depend on the photo editor.
One of the largest advantages of reliable image clipping service is media marketing need that it takes care of. A photo communicates as much as the accompanying text. It allows the consumer to view and take an informed decision. Service providers have very competitive rates to handle the work. There are low cost providers and also reasonably priced offers. Both give good quality work depending on the cost of labor. When a business house needs pictures daily, they can easily tie up with a reliable editing firm. It takes care of the annual requirements of the company. In marketing right form presentation to actual illustrations and sales, the use of pictures is necessary.
Today the image clipping service programs tackle numerous complex issues. Since they are done on the digital platform, the procedures are easier. The appearance of the picture is important. It should also send the right message. An image that is clipped and not manipulated is always appreciated. It gives a realistic view. In case you are now convinced that you need a reliable service provider:
·         Check the website for the service menu.
·         Do they have all kinds of clipping services?
·         Do they also cover file format conversion?
·         Do they have any international certification that qualifies them to operate as professionals?
·         Are they willing to sign a contract for annual service?
Apart from all these points try to judge for you the quality of work they do. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples each time. There are no hidden costs to that. And there is also no harm in checking the prices with other service providers too. A company that has a good capacity to give bulk images with a reasonable quality is good enough to be chosen. A company that employs a large number of editors with levels of proficiency is a good choice. Don’t get stuck with the first option, explore and learn which reliable image clipping service will work for you. After all you need to communicate with your consumers with clarity.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Have you heard of Opportunities for Distinctive Clipping Path Outsourced Work?

There are many people who subcontract photo-editing jobs. But only few companies provide the right opportunity for clipping path outsource work. What gives them the distinctive market edge?
Just having the latest editing suite for digital imaging is not the only criterion for a client to give regular work to a photo editing company. It also does not have to do with low cost or budgetary constraints. But it certainly has to lot to do production of good quality projects and new opportunities that define the clipping path outsource work. Many business firms need photographs of products and services on a routine basis. The biggest cost saver is the one point of contact-i.e. the photo-processing firm. The principal opportunity lies in getting the specialized services, which come under one roof. Clipping path may be just one part of the entire business cost that is reduced, but its benefits are seen in other areas like promotions, sales and eventually getting more consumer interest which turns into profits. And today’s entrepreneur has understood the advantages of the visual impact on viewers. Brand image, appearance, logo and product profile all need to be in picture perfect condition. Visuals require clipping path of many kinds to turn them into profitable opportunities consistently. Only well trained editors are capable of furnishing the best work in this field.
Clipping path work begins with a homogenous approach to bulk images. It is procedures that can make a brand stand out.  But to make use of the real opportunity and translate it successfully is the way it is done. The biggest demand is to change the background with the help of this process. Any kind of image can be transformed with a clipping path outsource job. If a product or an item has to be highlighted a simple clipping process would mean just cutting the basic background and replacing it with another color scheme or a canvas that is more appropriate. When this basic change is spruced with the value addition of an effect, it presents a new opportunity to the client to attract the end user. And this happens when the editor takes care of other tiny details during the process. These could include sharpening of the edges or softening them as per the requirement of the product. An earring or finger ring requires softness around it while a packaged item will need definite contouring. This is the kind of opportunity moment that can change the dynamics of the presentation of the product. This is exactly the reason why some people land up staring at pictures in wide amazement.
While a product is detached from one environment and placed in another one it can create the right communication for the business. The rapid rise of this work shows e-commerce has become the main way of shopping for millions of people worldwide. Complex images compound canvases and super changes are all methods that can create the magic. The more realistic appearance is eventually bought by the combination of effects and graphics in high resolution.  This outsource job is very essential for any kind of promotional activity. For the best quality professionals are hired for clipping path work.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Change Background of Same Size Picture

There are many reasons why people wish to change background of their pictures. The main idea is to create a novel element that has not been captured by the camera and a unique element introduced.

When you change background, the secret lies in not letting anyone know that it has been done. The first line of action is to approach the expert who knows how to do it. Ideally it is recommended that pictures of the same size and similar landscape can be used for the image uplift. When this technique has to be used remember a few things:

1.      A new solid background is replaces the old dark one.
2.      Too much drama behind will make it look like ‘it has been edited’. And that is not desirable.
3.      If the picture has a plain background-for example the blue sky and it needs to be replaced use a night sky.
4.      Pictures of similar shades work well during the change background process.
5.      Remember not to mix warm and cool colors. It is a total mismatch.
6.      When the process is done look for uneven colors. It is important to make the entire look ‘even’ after the main editing is done.

During the process of background being replaced, the editor will adjust the levels of brightness and the contrast of both the pictures. If there is any unevenness then a touch up job will have to be done. The editor needs to be careful and also check for the details of color corrections to be done. When the new background is added, it is done over a new layer. This new layer can mask the previous background if it is a shade lighter. Always chose a color scheme that will be darker than the background to be replaced. When this method is used the original elements of the picture are not destroyed. Whenever the client wants he can revert back to the previous picture. There is a strong reason why everyone needs the picture to look natural even with the new background. The only way this can be done is with the adjustment of colors. When a solid color is sued, one can also add some effect. For example a shadow, this falls behind. But these are all secondary and experimental techniques. A client may only wish to have new solid background and nothing more. The beauty then lies in the simplicity of the work. And every editor knows today that a refined image is that which is not over edited.

When the editor will make the addition of the new background, he will also use the brush to check if there are any patches. He can remove them with the eraser tool. There will be different sizes of brushes that will be required to remove the details not needed in the new picture. Sometimes, it is not only the flipping of the backdrop that is required. Maybe now the new photo needs to be cropped. This is another additional service that needs to be done to make the picture stand out. It depends on the need. The picture may be put on a website or used for some other portfolio by the client.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What is the Real Cost of Clipping Path Service?

Often one hears of cheap rates and affordable prices for clipping path service. But how much is cheap? Can one determine the difference between the high priced ones from the reasonable priced ones?

How does one quantify the charges in the virtual world of photo editing? Often one hears about low costs, cheap labor, studios in developing countries etc. And then also think about the quality of the final product from time to time. There is no one relative cost that is applicable for any service. But frequently one judges by the cheap rates and affordable pricing of clipping path service. And then the confusion arises what is right. There are many determining factors that one can use to set the parameters for the reasonable pricing. And the best way is to keep three things in mind when the work is being outsourced to any online company. Then one can fix the difference and make the decision to choose the fair price.

·         Communicating the right brief is essential. Often the studios based in Asian countries have an office located in the western world. It is best to write an email and ask them to provide the tariff based on the brief and not the basis of the regular quote. This is one fundamental step that can delete any misquote or over pricing.  Getting the idea across and getting the estimate is important.

·         Often the turnaround time is vital in some cases. Can the service be given urgently and at a reasonable cost? Outsourcing companies are quite used to clients who come with urgent jobs- But not all of them over charge. On the website of the company the rates are already mentioned. Bulk rates are charged differently from other jobs. It is easy to say that the rates begin from as low as 0.30 USD per image. But if the work is more than more charges are applicable. A job that can be done in 30 minutes and one where a day is required will have different rates.

·         For customers who provide regular work, annual contracts are applicable. They can pay on a monthly basis and avail of additional benefits. For example, such customers will have a dedicated editor or executive who will deal on a daily basis with them. This of course makes the price cheaper for them.

·         Some special services have higher prices, as they need skilled hands. Advanced editors are known to be more expensive. They are creative and naturally charge more. Hence depending on the creative solutions the price is fixed. 

·         It is true that in Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Philippines the labor is cheap. Hence the prices even for high quality work are far more affordable.

·         How is the payment made is also an important issue. This also regulates if there are any additional banking fees or taxes applicable.

All these factors need to be kept in mind when looking at the prices of any clipping path service. On an average a basic job per image can be done between 0.30-50 USD, simple clipping will cost 1.25-200 USD, compound clips 2-25 USD onwards, Complex 6 USD and super complex 8 USD or more. Most companies vary with their rates depending on the other parameters.